3901 PunkBabies featuring original hand drawn artwork with new attributes


Generationaly generative

Attributes are drawn from those of each babies Punk parents.

New attributes

PunkBabies are no different to real babies – they poo, vomit and get snotty noses!

Manipulated attributes

eg. A thermometer replaces a cigarette and mustaches are milk instead of hair.

Unique shirt color

PunkBabies shirt RGB codes are derived from their Punk parents IDs.

Community projects

Below are some awesome projects created by the PunkBabies community. More coming soon!

Find your PunkBaby's parents with the
Punk👶 📸Booth

Find out where your baby got their eyes from or which parent is responsible for that crazy haircut! Simply enter your PunkBaby's ID and watch as your Punk family photo is printed.
Unfortunately due to changes to the OpenSea API the photo booth is no longer operational.


PunkBabies were only ever intended to be a fun avatar and Non-Fungible Token for you to collect.

There is no roadmap. Just community and !vibes.

As a CC0 project you are free to do whatever you like with PunkBabies.

The intention is for the community to create their own roadmap (if they wish to!) with the community voting on the path forward. See 'Governance' section below for more information.

Tools and resources

PunkBabies are trait-generative NFT pfps living on the Ethereum blockchain.

The artwork for PunkBabies was created by 36changes using Photoshop in early 2021.

The first 500 PunkBabies were pre-revealed and could be claimed for free on OpenSea from the 12th May 2021.

After the project started to gain traction further batches of 500 unrevealed PunkBabies were also released on OpenSea for free claiming. Claimed PunkBabies were revealed each day.

The final batches were adopted for a fee of 0.01 ETH each and the project sold out on 10th June 2021.

Following the reveal of the final PunkBaby (#3901 - A special PunkBaby immaculately conceived) later in June 2021 a snapshot was taken and holders were eligible to receive a limited numbered collage NFT of all 3901 PunkBabies.

PunkBabies contracts were created on Cargo

The contracts can be found on etherscan at the following addresses:

The token tracker is PNKB.

The contracts are not verified as Cargo didn't release their source code. But they are considered safe.

The future of PunkBabies will be decided by the community of PNKB holders.

Proposals will be made and voted on by holders of PNKB (PunkBabies) using the snapshot voting system.

Go to snapshot

Reference Title Status
PBIP-0 CC0 license Closed

In October 2021 PunkBabies overwhelmingly voted in favor of implementing CC0 licence.

To the extent possible under law, 36changes has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to PunkBabies.

Licence: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain

You may copy, modify and distribute PunkBabies, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Contract ABI

You can retrieve the contract ABI at the following location https://cargo.build/.

Metadata and Images

PunkBabies metadata and images are decentralised and hosted on ipfs.

  • Metadata CID: QmXJB7yrELPkoS9L61XjBvnRxgzhXjeJrsuuH3izwJAPTD

Artwork was realesed in batches, CIDs below:

  • 1: QmZPh1HHUS2etc3WaUqgGmxgAjt5gCJSD1iDcJvYws2V1K
  • 1 (updates): QmP3fNEdvgVrMZYGVyACKjWcHTSX2VVqCPzDP9N1fBCMxD
  • 2: QmRBZhSgJpJ8RGs5VQwTdyhZFZSTdYrg9w4m74QnyVLKhu
  • 3: QmWBNNZWEMAwNsBTMDbE4Ff75t3W5a65cy4UHcnepxfgs2
  • 4: QmW2haCPQCZjPbhcBpXJZPBpS8GyZDi171TAvi9jER7My7
  • 5: QmSBuPX6axd2iNG48Goxh1XpeomYoMmLXM9hstnbtVibnt
  • 6: Qme9WLvo91VAnp6Wx3ChYqjsaM8LPk2cUiRKMqXLfhTRUZ
  • 6 (updates): QmXqHmP5onmd25qnuD3qVyJzdaYM93AVLmkv537HWm6XXT
  • 7: QmPptFkzNCSPqX7K29EcFszyQrxHjMxzM5JaMufWehzPDV
  • 8: QmSD9uCdqSLFBVdYutVSRfLacprDUFcztsqW3pKk2hUEai

PunkBabies transparent PNG files and artwork PSD source files can be made available for use if required - contact us on Twitter.